From furniture to walkways to dog houses, the versatility of
Primwood offers a solution for almost any application.

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Primwood – The no maintenance replacement of wood.

Anything you can do with wood we can do with Primwood.

No trees need to be chopped down to provide a great looking, long lasting, quality product for your business or home.

Buy Primwood, it just makes sense.

About Us

What makes Primwood one of the most durable materials around for outdoor furniture and decks? The process of manufacturing Primwood converts waste plastic into a maintenance free highly versatile product. Primwood is environmentally friendly and in this way makes a valuable contribution to ensuring a clean and healthy environment. When you buy Primwood you are negating the need to chop down trees. Primwood contributes to raising awareness of modern trends relating to the benefits of recycling within the Western Cape.  Our product is also known as Polywood.

Established in 2001 we offer only the best quality products – beware of cheap imitations. Compare our quality.

Please contact us for the latest price list of our products.

Primwood is available in its natural form in a brown colour that looks like wood. Some other colours can also be made on order..

Primwood joined hands with the community of Hermanus in winning the cleanest town competition in 2003, 2005 and 2009!

Primwood Benefits

  • Advantages over wood

    • No maintenance required
    • Very long lifespan
    • Insect free
    • Resistant to moisture
    • Split free and non-slippery

  • Is more flexible and more durable than wood

    • Can be drilled and sawed
    • Can be screwed and nailed
    • Woody look
    • Normal woodworking tools can be used on the product

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